Ugami will donate to Amnesty International through the Zevent2020, one of the biggest french charity events

As big fans of this event and deep believers in human rights we wanted to try help them for raising the maximum of funds for Amnesty International.

What is ZEVENT ?

ZEVENT is a french charity event where online personalities (streamers) gather together to play during three days in front of millions of viewers to collect funds for a NGO.

In 2019, 50 streamers animated the event and collected more than €3,5 million.

This year, the event is happening October 16th, 17th, 18th – About 50 streamer will try to collect a maximum of funds for Amnesty International.

What do we do for the event ?

We had the opportunity to send them some tea to help them keeping all their energy during the event. But we wanted to do more.

40% of our revenues during the event would be donated to Amnesty International through the event donation.

There would also be some giveaways on the ZEVENT Twitter to win some of our set of teas.

A good opportunity to try new teas while doing an amazing action!


Take the time to visit the ZEVENT website, or type “Zevent2020” in the social media.

What have we given to the event ?

At the end we were able to donate 500,00€ to Amnesty International thanks to you!