Green Sunshine – Organic


Subtle and light green tea with a sweet exotic scent of mango. Perfect to start the day.



  • Slowly energize
  • Reduce fat
  • Reduce stress

12 servings per pack (0.33€ / cup)



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2 teaspoons/cup


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2 min

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2 teaspoons/cup

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2 min

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An ideal drink to get up and start your day. Fresh, fragrant, light, delicate, this drink will give the motivation you need to succeed.

What will you find in the bag

25g of loose leaf tea, corresponding of about 12 servings (~2g/serving | 1serving ~ 30cl)


Green tea*, Pieces of Mango*, Marigold flowers*, Natural flavor, Rose petals*, Blueberry flowers*, Bergamot essential oil*


(*from organic farming)

100% Organic




Tea is one of the strongest and most widely used antioxidants in the world. Tea contains significant amounts of polyphenols, organic compounds that help the body to fight cell destruction.

As an antioxidant, it helps reduce cardiovascular risk, boost energy, reduce fat absorption and sometimes reduce stress.

Since green tea is not fermented, it will retain most of the antioxidants found in the leaves.

While theanine is also exactly the same molecule as the caffeine, it doesn’t have the same impact on your body. When you drink coffee, the caffeine is instantly absorbed by your body resulting a direct and strong energy boost. When you drink tea, the theanine is released while the tannins are getting absorbed by your body, which takes few hours. This is why tea is known to have this longer and smoother energy boost compared to the coffee.

Bergamot essential oil is known for its calming and soothing properties. Infused rose petals are used to boost the immune system.

How to prepare it

Hot drink : Let it brew for 2 minutes in 75 ° C water.

Cold drink : Let it infuse for 2 hours in cold water. Then remove the leaves and leave it on the fridge.

Be careful, green tea should not be brewed in boiling water, or for too long, otherwise it will lose all its flavor and become bitter. A temperature of 75 ° C and 2 minutes of infusion are recommended.

Any questions related ?

Should you have any questions about the tea, please have a look to the FAQs section.

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