Our mission

Bring happiness, energy and contribute to a healthier life.

All our products are designed to be good for your health, respect environment and help you focus on what matters.

Create a positive mindset and framework to help you and those around you to get inspired, motivated and  successfull in any type of projects.

Feeling well is the first step towards achieving dreams.

We prioritize quality

All our products are designed by a passionate pharmacist. The plants and teas are carefully selected according to their virtues and tastes to build the unique and qualitative blends.

All our products are biological

We aim for a sustainable business and healthy customers. It requires two things: we should not use abusive pesticides and we should take care of our tea farmers.

Tea is very sensible to pesticides and one of the most polluted product in the world. The “Bio” label certifies that leaves have not been chemically treated (up to a certain extent) – this is the best guarantee we have to make sure we are delivering healthy products.

We aim to be carbon negative

Every decision we make is submitted into the “green scope”. We thrive to provide the most environmentally-friendly solutions, while always looking for better alternatives. We know we cannot be perfect as our teas comes from around the world. This is why we decided to allocate 10% of our profit to finance green projects (e.g: reforesting) which will compensate our carbon emissions. Why not create our own european tea fields ?

Meet Our Team

Louis-Paul Valadoux : co-founder

Louis-Paul Valadoux - Co-founder

Ansa Faro : co-founder

Ansa Faro - Co-founder

Kim Delgadillo : co-founder

Kim Delgadillo - Co-founder