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How to properly and easily prepare your tea ?

Making tea has been mastered for thousands of years in Asia. On the other hand, we sometimes have trouble knowing which is the perfect recipe to obtain this tea so particular and pleasant in the mouth.
    The secret to properly brewing good tea lies in just 3 components:
  • the amount of tea used
  • the water temperature
  • the infusion time
Knowing this, it comes down to knowing the perfect blend of these three components that make up our unique and delicate flavor that we love. Some people feel that the sensitivity to bitterness or the taste of tea can vary. However, here are some essential rules to know to prepare your tea, depending on the type of tea you want to drink. Hot or cold, in any season, enjoy a tea the way you like it.

Preparing Hot tea

Hot tea at work (quick & effective)

  1. Boil some water to the tea temperature recommended. (tip : for 95°C you can directly poor the water after boiling, for 70°C, boil your water then wait 1-2 minutes before pooring)
  2. In the meantime prepare your tea bag with the quantity recommended. (average portion is 2grams per 30cl)
  3. Steep for the correct amount of time. (Be careful, long steeping makes the tea becoming sour)
  4. Remove your tea bag and enjoy your tea.

Hot tea pot at home

  1. Use filtered water
  2. Wash carefully your teapot.
  3. Boil the water at the recommended temperature. If you don’t have a boiler, for 95°C you can directly poor the water after boiling, for 70°C, boil your water then wait 1-2 minutes before pooring.
  4. In the meantime, prepare your teapot. Add about 12 to 15 grams of tea per liters in the teapot.
  5. Steep for the correct amount of time.
  6. Remove the leaves, serve it to your family and friends and enjoy it!

Preparing cold tea

In the middle of summer, enjoy a cold tea made at home, without preservatives or questionable additives. You get a delicious cold drink, similar to a soda, but good for your health!

Iced tea - cold brew method (longer but better - recommended)

  1. Prepare your tea bag if you don’t have an infuser. Add about 12 to 15 grams of tea per liters.
  2. Steep your tea in the pitcher fill with water.
  3. Leave it in the fridge for 2-3 hours for green tea, and 5-6 hours for black tea.
  4. Remove the leaves.
  5. Add some ice, sugar if you like and enjoy it for the next 2-3 days!

This method is better as the tea in cold water will not release its tannic and bitter flavors if infused too long.

Iced tea - concentrate method (instant refresh - faster)

The steps for express iced tea are exactly the same as for homemade hot tea shown above. As with hot tea, prefer to use filtered water to ensure the proper release of minerals from the tea.
The only difference is in the amount of tea to steep. We recommend between 24 and 30 grams of tea per liter to make a tea concentrate that will be diluted in ice cubes.
Then brew the tea for the time indicated on the bag and finally pour it into a jug filled with ice cubes. Add sugar, wait a few minutes, and serve.

Instruction table for Ugami teas

To facilitate your work, here is below all the instructions for all our teas. (Quantity needed, temperature, timing)

Black Tropical Fruits – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup95°C4 min
Detox Green Tea – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup75°C2 min
FPLC Tisane – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup95°C7 – 10 min
Black Tea Masala Chaï – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup95°C4 min
Jasmine green tea, bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup75°C2 min
Sencha Green Tea – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup75°C2 min
Assam Black Tea – bio, 25g2 teaspoons/cup95°C4 min

Preparing your tea, whether hot or cold, requires knowing a few essential rules, which you already know. Also, follow the recommendations mentioned on our sachets and you will for sure get a delicious drink.

These few recipes and tips have been given to you to make your teas better, tasting and healthy. Because everyone’s tastes differ, you can also create your own recipes, and share them with us on social networks!

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